Bali Film Center

Catering to the needs of the 21st-century global production community and firmly establishes Indonesia as a leading film, TV, and media destination.


Bali Film Center

Bali Film Center (BFC) is a private organization committed to promoting Indonesia as a film location and production center for both domestic and international projects.

BFC is a steadily growing, internationally recognized multimedia production and service company incorporated and headquartered in Bali, Indonesia.

We have been at the forefront of generating filming projects throughout Indonesia directly responsible for over 25% of all foreign programs representing an impressive array of film, television, print, serial, and film and television production concepts in development.

As founders of what has become one of Indonesia’s leading international production service companies, we have combined our skills and experience to research, develop and design a business that has rapidly gained stature within the global film and television communities and will be a strong and profitable player serving all traditional outlets as well as the still-emerging digital arena.

We represent a formidable combination of creative, marketing, financial and managerial expertise within the production business, and we believe in the benefits of filming in Indonesia utilizing new technologies and content demand.

BFC’s management and advisors have extensive and in-depth experience of more than 35 years combined experience in global film, video, and television industries, theater production, international print media, and public relations. We are in a unique position to assist with all your production needs, logistical support, permit facilitation and clearances, crew & equipment hire, casting, location scouting, and research.

Strong relations with authorities on a national and regional level allow us to streamline and expedite all aspects of processing clearances, location permissions (public areas, transportation systems, parks, etc.), coordinate the production schedule, and collect the related authorizations on behalf of the client.

Our office actively participants in industry-related events worldwide and invites filmmakers to explore the country for possible co-production opportunities, meet local filmmakers, and experience the country’s attraction firsthand.

Founding Member of the Asian Film Commission Network (AFCNet), Business Member of Location Managers Guild International, Member of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce & Industry, appointed ATA Carnet Film Organization, and Founder of Bali International Film Festival.