These FAQs provide a comprehensive overview of the procedures and requirements for filming in Indonesia. For specific inquiries, please contact us.

Foreign productions must adhere to specific regulations and procedures for filming in Indonesia. Working with a professional, licensed, and reputable company like Bali Film Center (BFC) is key to navigating and planning a project anywhere in Indonesia.

To apply for a National Film Permit, you must work with a registered and government-approved filming company, such as BFC when filming throughout Indonesia. BFC will guide you through the application process, including submitting standard documents, corporate sponsorship letters, and a detailed filming schedule. BFC will provide the required supporting recommendation letter.

Each crew/cast member must provide passport scans, passport photos, completed application forms, flight itineraries, proposed stay addresses, and COVID-19 vaccine certificates (if required). Corporate documents, including official letter of request, company background, and equipment lists, are also necessary. Note: a visa can be issued for 30 or 60 days and BFC can extend it in-country.

The official processing time for a National Film Permit is typically 4-6 weeks, while the Journalist Visa processing time may vary based on the number of applicants. It’s advisable to start the application process at least 8 weeks before your filming schedule.

BFC serves as a professional liaison between filmmakers and Indonesian authorities. They assist in permit acquisition, visa processing, and customs clearance. Their extensive experience with any type, size, or scale of project filming anywhere in Indonesia, provides in-depth local knowledge and expert support from the application phase, research, and prep- to completion. Plus a pool of world-class creative and technical professionals.

Filmmakers bringing their equipment to Indonesia must declare it to the Customs Authority. Indonesia accepts ATA Carnets for temporary imports, simplifying customs procedures.  https://www.atacarnet.com/Bali-Film-Center-Embraces-Filmmakers-ATA-Carnets

If your production company is still researching and finalizing filming schedules and locations, BFC can assist by providing generic descriptions in the application/permit. This helps avoid application delays and offers flexibility for your project’s needs.

The use of drones/UAVs in Indonesia must comply with regulations issued by the Ministry of Transportation. Only Indonesian citizens with valid licensing certificates can operate drones/UAVs.

You can contact the Bali Film Center directly to discuss the necessary steps for planning to film anywhere in Indonesia. E: contact@balifilm.com / T: +62 361 270908.