The World’s Largest Archipelago

Abundant natural resources spread across more than 17,000 islands offering a wealth of diverse filming locations stretching over 5,000km.



In Indonesia there is very little visual background that cannot be provided for any action or era somewhere among its islands. In this vast geographically and culturally diverse country, scenes can be set amid literally one of a thousand temples, a trail of extinct and active volcanoes, among ancient and stunningly terraced rice fields, palatial ruins, colonial buildings, royal water gardens, deserted pink, gold and black sand beach islands, lush tropical rainforests packed with unique flora and fauna, tribal villages, ocean cliffs or stone cities.

Boasting the greatest craftsmen in the world, they have the talent to recreate anything and due to the inexpensive building materials available are able to produce sets and props at a fraction of the cost. Combine this with a pool of experienced, talented and creative people and low production costs, means the ability to undercut most budgets by 10-20% making the country an attractive and economical location for filming.

Being the world’s fourth most populous nation Indonesia has a large labor force at reasonable costs, plus unlimited numbers of extras available on short notice from 350 different ethnic groups, including people of Polynesian, Central Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Papuan, Melanesian, Aboriginal, Portuguese and Dutch descent, with a large expatriate population from across the globe.