One of Indonesia’s large island and the sixth-largest island in the world

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  • Lush Rainforests
  • Exotic Flora and Fauna
  • Abundant Natural
  • Cascading Rivers
  • Sparkling Crater Lakes
  • Shimmering White-sand
  • Spectacular Volcanic Landscape

The Bukit Barisan mountain range is the backbone of this 1.700km long island reaching the sea at the west coast. Sumatra is fairly wet even the dry plains have a yearly rain of 2,000mm

There are approximately 40 million inhabitants of Sumatra belonging to four large ethnic groups plus a strong Batak community made up of six different ethnic groups

  • Kerinci-Seblat (National Park)
  • Gunung Leuser National Park:
    The most spectacular mountain and equatorial forests in Asia and home to most of Sumatra’s extensive range of mammals including tigers, tapirs and rhinoceroses and about 500 bird species
  • Bukit Lawang
    Home of the Sumatra Orangutan Society – Rehabilitating and releasing orangutans back into the wild (Link)

Gallery of Sumatra