Bali, Indonesia was the setting for the last silent film ever produced in Hollywood and the last film to use the two-strip Technicolor process. Shot by Henri de la Falaise, Legong: Dance Of The Virgins featured an all-native cast and caused an uproar in the west due to the bare-breasted beauties.

Three years previously, Andre Roosevelt’s Goona Goona was also shot there, and together the two movies helped launch Bali as a free-loving paradise for a number of Hollywood trendsetters, including artist-musician Walter Spies, playwright Noel Coward, Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, and Charlie Chaplin who is quoted as saying if it comes to the worst, we’ll go to Bali Since then Bali has continued to be an artistic and spiritual haven for celebrities from around the world and a magnet for filmmakers of today.