Mar – Ar de Filmes, Lda (Portugal)

Mar, a dramatic feature film by the legendary award-winning Portuguese director/writer Margarida Gil and shot by Palme d’Or winning cinematographer Mario Masini. BFC provided all necessary production support for locations, permits, casting, and logistics required over the weeklong shoot set on and around Labuan Bajo, Flores.

The adventure is based on sea passage from the Mediterranean to the Far East. As the ship continues the journey, it becomes caught in the heart of a storm as the fury of the monsoon grows. Onboard the vessel is concealed sacred treasures and smuggled art pieces from the Byzantine era.

The shipwreck survivor, Francisca (played by the famous Portuguese actress, director, and singer Maria De Medeiros) is a beautiful widow who is saved by a young African man named Malik who pulls her ashore on the mysterious and magical shores of Flores, Indonesia.